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Jason J Spindler award for innovation in development

United Nations Development Program, at the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Finance Geneva Summit and the Jason J. spindler Foundation

announce the Jason J Spindler Award for Innovation in Development.

The award will be presented to an outstanding early growth company that has demonstrated its potential as a high impact game changer collecting and using data to strengthen its services and products to better serve the public.

This years award goes to Credit Mantri -Credit Scoring to Access Finance (India)


CreditMantri intends to change the way credit is delivered in India by harnessing the power of technology and digital platform.

Our unique model is built on the premise that when information is transparently made available to both borrowers and lenders, decision making is simple and noise free. Borrowers gain by having a better control over their credit health and thereby make an informed product choice. Also, Borrowers benefit by applying only to those lenders, who are willing to lend to them and can opt for credit products, credit improvement services at price points acceptable to them. Lenders gain by not having to waste time and energy sifting through applications that don"t match their lending criteria.


University of Akron College of Business Administration

THE JASON J. SPINDLER MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP In establishing this scholarship, the donor, who wishes to remain anonymous, desires to financially assist one hardworking graduate student in the Masters of Business Administration program at the University of Akron College of Business Administration. The candidate should possess, as Jason did, an interest in improving the lives of people and communities in underdeveloped economies around the world.

Candidate Requirements

Like, Jason, the donor believes strongly in the power of education and its ability to impact an individual's future. To be eligible for this scholarship, University of Akron students must be enrolled in the Master's of Business Administration Program in the College of Business Administration. The scholarship is open to new or current graduate students, full or part time, with a GPA of 3.0 or higher for tuition and fees.

Along with an application, applicants must submit an essay (a two page maximum) describing how they exemplify Jason's ideals to help others. First consideration will be given to a student who, like Jason, desires a life of service to others. This can be displayed by being involved in organizations or programs that directly help others in need, or having a desire to create or working at a company that provides job opportunities to underserved people in communities. Also, an applicant with medical background who desires to earn an MBA will be considered.

The College of Business Administration's MBA scholarship committee will select the recipient. In addition to the above criteria, the committee will consider factors such as the student's interest in making the world a better place, financial need and community service.

Akron University College of Business Administration

2019 recipient of the Jason J Spindler Memorial Scholarship

Libby Hancock 

Libby Hancock grew up in both rural Indiana and suburban Cleveland. She earned her undergraduate degree in communications from Thomas Edison State University through nontraditional methods. After graduating with honors, she published a book about her experiences titled College You Can Afford to help others pursue a similar path. She’s volunteered in Monterey, Mexico with orphans and teenage girls, as well as made a difference closer to home in Indianapolis through managing volunteers at Westminster Neighborhood Services. Most recently as an employee of the YMCA of Greater Indianapolis, she created an international festival called the YMCA World Fest to encourage global understanding and appreciation of other cultures. Libby is grateful for the Spindler Scholarship to continue her education in the College of Business Administration at The University of Akron and is looking forward to completing her MBA so that she may impact others.




Middlebury Institute of International studies at Monterrey, CA

Frontier Market Scouts faculty member Jason Spindler 9/11/ survivor and peace carps volunteer, was killed in a terrorist attack in Nairobi Kenya on January 15, 2019. In His honor, The Middlebury Institute and the Spindler family through the Jason J. Spindler Foundation are creating an endowed scholarship. We invite you to be a part of this meaningful cause. Learn more about the scholarship