Jason was raised with a strong sense of public service, civic engagement and a strong commitment to educating others - from the small holder farmers in Northern Peru who he helped to build a multi-million dollar agribusiness to entrepreneurs and friends who sought frequent advice. Jason was a U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer in San Marcos, Cajamarca, Peru in 2005/2006, then attended NYU Law, as a Catherine B. Reynolds Fellow for Social Entrepreneurship. He later won an Arthur Helton Human Rights Fellowship and grant to realize his impact and launch I-DEV International, a consultancy focused on business strengthening in Africa and Latin America. Jason always stepped up and beyond to the call of duty. He was in downtown New York City at the World Trade Center on 9/11, and stayed there to help identify and pull survivors to safety. While in the Peace Corps, a bus in the mountains of Peru tipped over and fell down a ravine before him on a narrow, winding road, and he naturally responded and worked tirelessly to pull people from the fallen vehicle.  That was Jason....


In 2009, Jason founded I-DEV International, a strategy and investment advisory firm to the impact investing, social entrepreneurship and emerging markets venture capital and private equity sectors. I-DEV embodied all of Jason's learnings and values from working in traditional investment banking and private equity in the US, yet also combined the grassroots and humble design thinking techniques learned during his service in the US Peace Corps. I-DEV has operated for 10 years, helped over 350 local and international businesses in over 45 countries, and advised global development organizations from World Bank to USAID, DFID, Inter-American Development Bank, Grassroots Business Fund, Water for People, Conservation International, UN Foundation and more to invest in catalytic, game changing and innovative solutions to the World's most pressing challenges. Jason was a frequent speaker at leading Africa and Latin America investment and impact conferences, including the Social Capital Markets Conference (SOCAP), Sankalp Africa, EAVCA, AVCA, ANDE Annual Conference, Harvard Africa Business Conference and more.


Jason was a global explorer with an endless passion and energy for blending adventure, impact, education and results. From road trips through the Andes of Peru to rock climbing in Kruger National Park in South Africa or in Lukenya, Kenya to site visits to refugee camps in Democratic Republic of Congo to teaching his nephews to rock climb and swim, Jason thrived on seeing new perspectives and engaging others in his excitement for learning.

Jason was a mentor and teacher to all he met. He not only promoted and shared his passion for adventure, but he demonstrated the importance of his values- integrity, proactive response, honesty, collaboration and convening of diverse cultures, religions and perspectives to create mutual good.  

A life cut short, but never forgotten...

On January 15, 2019,  Jason was killed by an 

Al-Shabaab terrorist attack at 14 Riverside office complex in Nairobi, Kenya. Jason lived in Nairobi, and was at work. 

Jason had a bold vision for change, yet he was taken from us too early. Thus, we must help to realize his most ambitious goals. 


We honor James Oduor, Abdalla Sheikh Dahir,  Feisal Rashid Ahmed, Dedrick Limisi,Japhet Ndunguja Nuru, Beatrice Mutua,  Bernadette Konjalo, Erickson Mogaka Momanyi, Zachary Nyabwanga, Truffosa Nyaboke. Ashford Kuria, Luke Porter, Dennis Mwaniki, John Ndiritu, Kelvin Gitonga, Jeremiah Mbaria, Wilfred Kereithi who also were  killed by the terrorists on January 15, 2019 at 14 Riverside office complex in Nairobi Kenya. May their memory live forever.