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President Clinton and Jason Spindler

President Bill Clinton and Jason Spindler

"Jason Spindler dedicated his life to expanding opportunity around the world. I saw his drive and the impact of his work with @ClintonGlobal. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and all of those around the world whose lives he touched."

 President Bill Clinton

H. Res, 75 2019


Congressman Eliot Engel and others submitted the resolution on January 24, 2019s

Strongly condemning the January 15, 2019 terrorist attack on the 14 Riverside Complex in Nairobi, Kenya,...

Whereas one of the individuals killed in this heinous act of violence was an American citizen named Jason Spindler, a 9/11 survivor and former Peace Corps volunteer who was CEO and managing director of a strategy and investment firm in Nairobi...

Resolved, That the House of Representatives...

Offers its deepest condolences to the family and friends of the victims and to the Republic of Kenya, and reaffirms its solidarity with the Kenyan people:

Honors the memory of Jason Spindler,  who was murdered in this horrific terrorist attack...