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Economic growth

The Jason J. Spindler Foundation addresses the greatest challenges limiting private sector development and long-term stability in emerging markets.

bold ideas. catalytic impact.

The foundation will invest in innovative and catalytic opportunities to target these 3 critical challenges with the belief that doing so will lift the poorest countries to have a thriving and empowered middle class.

3 focus areas

Progressive Government & civic engagement


We are committed to educating future leaders and creating critical bridges in perspective and expertise across public policy and the best of private sector innovation to build stronger, more fair and thriving economies.

Small Medium sized Enterprise ecosystem strengthening


We are committed to building a stronger foundation for SME growth in the most challenging contexts. SMEs are critical catalysts of economic development and stability in any markets, but especially emerging markets. 

Thriving Financial Markets


We are committed to boosting local financial markets, attracting foreign investment and activating local investors to play a part in strengthening their own cities, countries and continents.